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Ramissio Detox

Detox patches help to regain balance, provide relief to the tired body and let you enjoy your life with gained ease. Package includes 14ks detox patches.

We constantly receive many various substances into our bodies. While some of them are needed and processed efficiently by our body , others need to be eliminated in the best possible way. A good diet helps our body to manage this complicated process to be handled with relative ease. In the busy bustle of today, however, sometimes it is not easy to follow all the right principles and rules.


It is a food supplement.

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Many centuries ago, people from East Asia were gradually discovering useful properties of wood vinegar and  investigating the use of reflex points on the feet at the same time. These observations were used by modern-dayscientists and thanks to the precise and sophisticated composition and osmosis prinicples, detox patches Ramissio can promote blood circulation through the skin, absorb detrimental substances from the body and relieve the fatigued body and soul.

The human foot has a total of 60 acupuncture points, each of which is connected with a specific function of our body. Therefore, we recommend that you place the patches on the feet. In specific cases, it helps to stick the patch directly on a problematic place - back, knee, neck, etc. Patches work best at night, when the body is at rest. After removing the patch, wash the affected area well. Be prepared that the patch will be dark to black and smelly - it is a result of the absorption of your body fluids, which now contain eliminated toxins.


Number of pieces in packaging:  14 

County of origin:  China

Expiration date: 11/2021


Manufactured for:

RAMISSIO LTD, London, Great Britain

Office Q, 35a Astbury Road, SE15 2NL



Bamboo vinegar (156 mg), wood vinegar (156 mg), vitamin C (45 mg), Houttuynia Cordata Thunb (33,8 mg), Loquat leaf (30 mg), chitin (22,6 mg), Lavender extract (26,3 mg), dextrin (22,6 mg), tourmaline (7,5 mg).

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